The makeup of all wirewound resistors have similar concepts. They are constructed using metallic wire which is wound around a core of insulating material. There are roughly two types of wirewound resistors:

  1. Precision wirewound resistors
  2. Power wirewound resistors

The resistors have various purposes and can be used in many applications. For example, the resistors can be used in temperature and current sensors.

Precision Wirewound Resistors

Measuring bridges is an example of what this type of resistor is usually used for. These resistors are made for temperature increases of ordinarily lower than 30°C. It is due to this that there is a possibility of the resistor being coated by epoxy materials.

Power Wirewound Resistors

Our range varies from 130 watt to 750 watt. Power resistors can be categorised according to their coating type.

  • Silicone resins: Used for the lowest dissipation ranges which are small resistors that are capable of enduring temperatures up to a maximum of 300°C above normal level.
  • Porcelain enamel: Provides insulation properties at lower temperatures. The insulation is much less at higher temperatures. This coating operates best at a maximum of 400°C.
  • Ceramic: Features a ceramic core and coating to protect the wire.

Coating provides effective energy dissipation and great physical protection. Regular power ratings are somewhere between 5 and 18 w. These resistors can possibly warm up to around three hundred degrees without problems.

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