Auto Transformer – What Is It?

It is a transformer that has just one winding, wound around a laminated core. It is a piece of equipment that supplies power from one circuit to another. This is carried out through electromagnetic induction. Auto transformers are similar to ordinary transformers regarding their functions and features. However, there is a difference in the interrelation between their primary and secondary windings. Auto transformer advantages and applications are plentiful.

Auto Transformer

Auto Transformer Advantages

  • Small quantities of copper are used for its overall construction
  • Costs are relatively low for installation, operation and maintenance
  • Very low excitation current is required
  • Efficiency is much greater than ordinary transformers
  • Voltage regulation is better than similar products
  • Voltage output is varied and can increase or decrease its value as required
  • Low losses compared to other options


Auto Transformer Applications

  • Widely used in synchronous and induction motors
  • Easy to find application in AC feeders due to its help in increasing the voltage level
  • It is used in almost all the electrical appliances
  • It has been used for so long in power distribution and transmission system


Where To Buy?

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