Express Transformers and Controls Ltd (2015) design and manufacture various high performing transformers. In this guide to transformers, we will discuss:

  • what a transformer is
  • what a transformer is used for
  • transformer sizes
  • the types of transformers

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What is a transformer?

Without changing frequency, a transformer transfers electrical energy between electric circuits. The transfer generally happens when the voltage and current changes.

What is a transformer used for?

As mentioned above, transformers are used for transforming electrical power from one electrical circuit to another. They are used to meet a wide variety of needs.

How big is a transformer?

Transformers come in various sizes. Some transformers can be the size of the palm of your hand, and others can be several stories high. Regardless of it’s size, the purpose of the transformer remains the same.

What types of transformers are there?

There are many different types of transformers. Express Transformers and Controls offer a wide variety including

Our custom transformers are designed and built according to your requirements.


Where To Buy?

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