The Power Transformer

If you are considering investing in a power transformer, it’s crucial to know the devices as best as you can. For example, the differences between high voltage verses low voltage transformers. Transformers are quite complex and a crucial element of power transmission. Furthermore, the most appealing aspect is that it can last up to three decades.

In addition, there are a couple of basic elements that must be understood. Regarding the voltage aspect, transformers are available in three voltage ratings;

  1. high voltage
  2. medium voltage
  3. low voltage

In this instance, below we will discuss high voltage verses low voltage transformers.

High Voltage Verses Low Voltage Transformers

High voltage transformers

Developing High Voltage Transformer                                                                                  Isolating High Voltage Transformer

Developing High Voltage Transformer                                         Isolating High Voltage Transformer

The high voltage transformer deals with voltages that cannot be used directly by the consumer, but are used in power transmission applications. High voltage transformers usually handle electrical energy in the range of 230,000 to 35,000 volts. Due to the particular demands of transmitting these voltages across long distances, a high voltage transformer has considerably different core geometry, winding methods, and insulation methods than low voltage transformers. High voltage transformers that have the capacity to increase the primary voltage to transmission-level high voltage are called step-up transformers. Conversely, high voltage transformers can also be used to step-down voltages, depending on where they are in the transmission chain.

Low voltage transformers

A low voltage transformer, also sometimes called a magnetic low voltage transformer, is typically used at the consumer end of the energy grid. A low voltage transformer is a distribution transformer with both the primary and secondary windings designed to operate at system voltages in the low voltage classes. Typically, electronic low voltage transformers convert 120 volts into 12 volts or 24 volts.

Where To Buy?

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