An Isolation Transformer is one whose primary and secondary windings are separated from each other. It is made of two copper coils which are wound around each other and each supplied their own power source. In technical terms, it is a transformer, which is specially designed to isolate a circuit from an alternating current.

It completes its function by separating two circuits by reducing the alternating current’s voltage before it comes in touch with the circuit itself. It plays an important role in increasing the safety of your electronic system.

It gives protection to the circuits which are too sensitive to handle the pressure of direct load. It is mainly used for the safety purpose and gives protection to your circuits, devices, and manpower from shock and short-circuits. It may find in various electronic devices that have very sensitive circuits and cannot handle the current directly.

Numerous electronic devices use this transformer to decrease the voltage level before it reaches to the equipment. It increases or decreases the alternating currents and specially built to scale and handles any amount of voltage. It’s complete work depends on the number of times coils are wound. An Isolation Transformer helps to reduce the electromagnetic disturbance in a wireless communication system and also help to improve its strength.

It mainly used to protect workers from faulty equipment and enable accurate measurements to avoid ground loops. It separates one part of an electrical system from another to give protection to your electronic system. It also helps to reduce the voltage spikes before it reaches the main supply in order to give protection against short-circuit.

These voltage spikes may create an interruption in the service load and damage your electronic device. To reduce the chances of short-circuits and to protect your device from getting damaged over and over again you need an isolation transformer for your industry.

From the above points, it is clear that an Isolation Transformer is really helpful in increasing the safety of sensitive as well as an expensive device from voltage spikes, electrical distribution, ground loop and other power line distortions. It is known to be the best option to reduce interference between equipment and turn on surge.

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