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Organisations of all kinds are increasingly concerned to achieve and demonstrate sound environmental performance by controlling the impact of their activities, products or services on the environment. This is Express Transformers and Controls (2015) Limited policy statement in this area.


  • The company will comply with all the relevant legislation and good working practices in relation to the environment.
  • The company will minimise the risk to the public from its operations.
  • The company will endeavour to conserve resources and minimise emissions and waste products.
  • The company will train all staff and supervisors to comply with this policy.
  • The company will require all sub-contractors to meet these same standards.
  • The company will regularly assess the environmental impact of its operations.
  • Make this policy statement available to the public on request.


  • The company will prevent anyone from treating, keeping or disposing of waste other than in accordance with waste management licensing legislation.
  • The company will prevent the escape of waste, both on-site and during onward transfer.
  • The company will ensure that waste is only transferred to an authorised person or to a person for authorised transport purposes.
  • The company will complete/collect a signed transfer note and keep it for at least two years whenever waste is transferred.

Water Pollution

  • The company will take measures to prevent any contamination of the water supply and the local water table due to its activities.

Energy Management

  • The company will endeavour to reduce its use of fossil fuel based energy resources.
  • The company will take steps to reduce its use of water.


  • The company will endeavour to use recycled materials whenever possible.
  • The company will endeavour to use materials that can be easily recycled after their initial use.


All employees should be aware that there is a need to comply with the statutes of the Environmental Protection Act (1990) and those other pieces of legislation that are covered by this policy. The aim is to make Express Transformers and Controls (2015) Limited a more environmentally aware and compliant company.


Alan Kelly

Managing Director

March 2015


Download ETC 2015 Environmental Policy Statement (PDF)

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