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What is a choke?

The chokes general characteristic is to balance fluctuations in electrical current by storing and releasing energy. In addition, this characteristic allows chokes to reduce DC ripple voltage or reduce short circuit or saturation currents.  A single inductor or a combination of inductors and one or more capacitors are the formation of a choke circuit. Choke circuits are low-pass filters because they disallow high frequencies and allow low frequencies.


What is a choke used for?

Chokes are used to filter out the AC ripples in power supplies. This is to help ensure a steady DC output. Chokes are also found in circuits such as Colpitts, Hartley, and Clapp oscillators. The cutoff frequency is due to the size of the choke. Both small and large inductors are used as chokes. Their ratings include their value, the maximum current they can handle and their maximum resistance to current flow. The larger chokes result in a lower cutoff frequency. However, the smaller chokes result in a higher cutoff frequency. The larger chokes are better for more precise filtering. For example, the filtering of unwanted 120 hertz signals and higher from wall outlets.

How to order

Express Transformers & Controls (2015) Limited manufacture a wide range of chokes and inductors utilising a UL approved insulation system (E249322) and they are regularly inspected by UL to ensure compliance. Similar work can be undertaken for any customer who already has or is working towards UL approval for a product.

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