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What is a custom winding?

A custom winding is a term used to describe a winding that is non-standard or unique to the customer. In other terms, it is a winding that cannot be bought ready-made off the shelf. Windings are the conductors that are wrapped in various forms. For example, helical, disc, cylindrical, and crossover. They generate mmf that is carried by the core to other windings that have different level of voltages.

Custom Winding

Different kinds of applications and arrangements use different types of windings. Small power transformers are wound with solid copper wire. They are also insulated using enamel. Large power transformers are wound with wire, copper, or aluminium rectangular conductors. In addition, heavy currents use strip conductors.

Each strand is insulated from the other. Furthermore, the strands are arranged so that each portion occupies different relative positions in the conductor. Both the primary and secondary windings of the power transformer may have external connections. These external connections (called taps) are used to intermediate points on the winding to allow adjustment of the voltage radio. Taps can help with voltage regulation of distribution circuits.

How to order

Express Transformers & Controls (2015) Limited can manufacture high frequency components utilising any of the standard suppliers parts (Ferroxcube, Siemens, Power Magnetics, etc) to suit the customer’s requirements.

Full in house testing is carried out on all components manufactured and in the case of large batch production runs, a printout of the results from the Voltech ATE can be arranged.

Furthermore, if you wish to see some examples of our work, please visit our gallery.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your design requirements. Our lead engineer details are listed below and they are very happy to discuss your particular project needs with you.