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What is a ferrite component?

A ferrite component is the term given to any transformer, inductor or any conductive coil winding that is manufactured using ferrite materials. Ferrite is the science name for iron. Also, it is know as an iron solid solution that has a centered crystal cubic organization. Ferrite is balanced within the iron as long as it is lower than 910 degrees Celsius. In addition, ferrite can dissolve very small carbon quantities. This is due to the carbon being dissolved inside the iron, leaving a space behind. Ferrites are encased in rubber or plastic material to protect and keep the ferrite bead in place.

Ferrite Component

A ferrite bead (or ferrite choke) is a simple hollow cylinder or bead that is made of ferrite material. It is used to suppress or filter the amount of high frequency electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise that is found in electronic circuits. Ferrite beads can be used for the removal of power line noises in cellular phones, PCs, TV tuners, audio players, DVDs, game machines, digital photo frames and several other electronic circuits.

How to order

There are many different types of ferrite beads. Express Transformers & Controls (2015) Limited can manufacture high frequency components utilising any of the standard suppliers parts (Ferroxcube, Siemens, Power Magnetics, etc) to suit the customer’s requirements.

In addition, full in house testing is carried out on all components manufactured. In the case of large batch production, a printout of the results from the Voltech ATE can be arranged.

Furthermore, if you wish to see any examples of our work, please visit our gallery.

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