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What is a linear DC choke?

The linear DC choke has been designed and manufactured so that the inductance remains linear across a set range. For example, a 10mH linear choke may have an operating range of 5 to 10 Amps. In addition, the DC choke is used to mitigate the impact of harmonics in VFD (variable frequency drives) applications. The “DC” stands for direct current.

Linear DC Chokes

How to order?

Once ordered, Express Transformers and Controls Ltd (2015) will manufacture linear DC chokes. These chokes are also suitable for the elevator industry. In many applications it is essential that the choke exhibits a constant inductance up to and beyond a specified overload current limit. In addition, to ensure that a guarantee of the inductance values obtained under these conditions can be given, we have designed and built our own DC choke tester. As well as this, a curve showing the variation of inductance against current can be supplied with any choke ordered from us.

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