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What is a three-phase transformer?

A three-phase transformer is a type of transformer consisting of three conductors which carry voltage at 120 degree phase shift. These transformer is extensively used in the industry because of it capability to vary the voltage and current.

Three-Phase Transformer

What is a three-phase transformer used for?

Moreover, a three-phase transformer is an effective way for the transmission of power. However, the knowledge about how the transformer is connected is the concern that must be kept in mind. There are more options and more variety. A three-phase transformer is used instead of one-phase transformer because it is;

  • more efficient
  • able to perform with less material
  • smaller in size and weight than their counterpart the single phase transformer

The three-phase transformer is designed with three sets of primary and secondary windings. It is wound around one leg of an iron core assembly. The primary and secondary winding will be connected in either a Wye or Delta configuration or a combination of the two to form a complete unit. Some three-phase transformers have dielectric in the form of oil (called oil-filled transformers).


Three-phase transformer capabilities

There is a wide array of operations that can be performed with transformers. This is the reason that different transformers are designed for different purposes. The frequency range the device can render is 50Hz to 400Hz. It entirely depends on the requirement of the user to go for any frequency range transformer. Moreover, insulation is also important in transformers as a faulty transformer can make it useless and wasteful resulting in heavy power losses!


How to order

Within our current capabilities, we can design and build three phase transformers of up to 150kVA meeting BS EN61558. These can be supplied free standing or fitted into suitable ventilated steel cases. In addition we can carry out basic wiring within the enclosure to accommodate safety and switching circuits as required.


Furthermore, examples of our work can be seen in the gallery.

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