Transformers are static devices. In simple terms, the device transforms electrical energy between circuits, without a direct electrical connection. It is carried out with a mutual induction between two windings to help regulate the voltage. It may be confusing trying to decipher the differences between single-phase transformers v three-phase transformers. However, once you read below, it should be much easier to understand.

Continue reading to discover the differences between single-phase transformers v three-phase transformers.


Single-Phase Transformers v Three-Phase Transformers

  • To start, a single-phase transformer will increase or decrease the voltage connected to the primary winding. This device is known as a step-up transformer if it enhances the voltage on its secondary winding with respect to the primary winding. On the other hand, three-phase transformers combine three windings.


  • Single-phase transformers are more expensive than the three-phase transformers. This is due to the bulkiness of the single-phase set up. However, three-phase transformers are easy to install which directly decreases the installation charges as well as maintenance cost and will save you money.


  • Both transformers are equally opposite when it comes to their weight. In other words, single phase transformers weigh more than three-phase transformers. This makes the installation process of the latter quite easy and handy.



  • The most convenient and strong part of the three-phase is they can also be used to provide the single power supply while it is not possible to get three-phase supply from the single phase transformers. This is the winning point for the three-phase transformer.


  • While using single phase as three single-phase transformers, failure of one device doesn’t affect the system of three. Though it is not possible in the single three-phase ones. The failing of three-phase completely impacts it’s working.


  • Three-phase transformers are easy to maintain and cost less at the time of installment and repairs afterwards. But the standby units of the above-said device are comparatively expensive than the single phase transformer.


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