Power Transformers and Inductors

To understand the relationship between power transformers and inductors, we first need to understand what each does. Firstly, the power transformer drives huge power into mechanical devices. Inductors look after electronic devices. They control electricity flows and maintain the level of electrical power so that it is safe. In addition, inductors also reduce noise intensity that is generate from electronic circuits.


There are various types of transformers with each serving it’s own individual purpose. For example;

The custom transformer is any electrical transformer that we design and build to your requirements as it does not appear in our standard range. Power transformers can deliver huge volumes of power supply. They are highly efficient in running consistent power flow.


In addition, inductors are important elements fulfill a transformers worth. Manufacturers use inductors in all kinds of electronic devices. Furthermore, many manufacturers use a Toroid with inductors. These components offer higher and better inductance. A Toroid looks like a miniature doughnut, but its uses are overwhelming.

So, what separates them from other inductors?

• A Toroid is a special type of inductor that doesn’t interact with neighboring components.

• It has higher and more efficient inductance power than other inductors.

• A Toroid is pretty cost-effective.

• Toroids can be found in different diameters and width.

• Their behavior is mechanically friendly with regards to usage.

• The Q values are remarkably great.

Where To Buy?

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