In simple terms, the three-phase transformer is generally a combination of three windings. This type of transformer has a lot of offer due to it’s ability to supply large loads and power distributions. It is compact, easy to install, requires low maintenance, and is a highly durable device. There are four winding connections for three-phase transformers to ensure improved performance.

4 Winding Connections For Three-Phase Transformers

1. Wye To Delta

The wye to delta connection is mainly used in transformers at the substation end of the transmission line. It is advised to provide a balanced path for the circulation of third harmonic without even using the neutral wire during the connection.

2. Wye To Wye

The wye to wye connection is usually used for small transformers. It is only used if the connected load is balanced and is mainly good for the longer distances.

3. Delta To Delta

The delta to delta connection is mainly used when the supply source is delta connected and the secondary load needs high current.

4. Delta To Wye

Finally, the delta to wye connection is mainly used in residential, commercial, and industrial locations to ensure proper power supply. This connection is ideal for short distance distribution system and thus, mainly used for loads that are closed to supplying substation.

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