Express Transformers & Controls

Our Runcorn Factory

Express Transformers & Controls Ltd, was formed in 1953 in a 3000 square foot factory in Croydon, Surrey.

Eleven years later in 1964, the company expanded and opened another factory at Picow Farm Road, Runcorn, Cheshire, this one had 6000 square feet of production area.

The Croydon factory was producing the larger transformers, up to 200 kVA and the Runcorn factory concentrated on the smaller range, generally up to 3kVA.

In 1981 the company expanded further and the decision was made to close the Croydon factory and enlarge the Cheshire factory to accommodate the southern production.


In 2014 the company went into administration but the management team are delighted to inform you that in February 2015 the business and assets of Express Transformers & Controls Limited (in Administration) were purchased from the Administrator.

So, with effect from the close of business on the 28 February 2015, the new company, Express Transformers & Controls (2015) Limited will be continuing the long-established business in Runcorn with our expert workforce and are looking forward to a long and satisfactory business relationship with our customers.


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