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Express Transformers & Controls (2015) Limited regards the promotion of health, safety and welfare measures as an essential objective for Employees of the company. It is, therefore, this Company’s Policy to do all that is reasonable to prevent personal injury and damage to property and protect everyone from the foreseeable works hazards. All Employees are expected to assist in this and help maintain the Company’s high standards of workplace safety.


  • The Company’s Safety Representative will be named on the work’s notice board
  • All injuries, accidents and potentially dangerous incidents, however slight must be reported to your Supervisors and the Safety Representative.
  • The foundation of safety is tidiness, keep your workplace tidy, your floor space dry and clean and help others to keep their workplace tidy as well.
  • Stack materials and products in a safe and tidy manner.
  • If protective clothing or other items are provided it is a breach of Company Rules not to make use of them, defects in supplied items are to be reported via your Supervisor.
  • Never operate a machine with the guard displaced.
  • Look out for warning signs and notices, they are put up for a definite purpose.
  • Immediately report any potential safety hazard to your Supervisor and the Safety Representative.
  • Co-operate with the Employer to ensure that the Company’s Health and Safety Policy and arrangements are complied with.
  • There are good reasons for keeping your workplace clean and tidy. This reduces the chance of accidents occurring. Moreover, it is more pleasant and easy to work in clean and tidy surroundings.


  • In compliance with current UK law and to minimise the risk of fire as well as to reduce the risk of smoking related illnesses the Company operates a no smoking policy. Disregard of this regulation may lead to dismissal.


  • The Company requires a high standard of fire prevention, please ensure the following simple rules are kept.
  • Door and passageways must always be kept clear.
  • Fire equipment must never be removed or obstructed. If you find that equipment is used, damaged or obstructed report the matter at once to your Supervisor or the Safety Representative. Remember that you may be at risk if fire equipment is not available in an emergency.
  • Make sure waste material and litter are placed in the receptacle provided.
  • Learn the fire procedure from the notice displayed in the factory.
  • Do not smoke in the factory, it is a fire hazard and against the law.


Employees must be aware that they have a legal duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to take reasonable care for the health, safety and welfare of themselves and of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work.


Alan Kelly

Managing Director

March 2015


Download ETC 2015 Safety Policy Statement (PDF)

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