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What is a general coil?

A general coil is a term used to describe any coil that does not fit comfortably into any of the existing categories. Technically, a general coil is any coil that consists of one or more conductive windings. Moreover, coil winding is a very important phase in the manufacturing of transformers.

Additionally, transformers use two coils of wire. Each coil has hundreds (or even thousands) of turns. These are all wrapped around a metal core. One of the coils is for the incoming electricity and one is for the outgoing electricity. An alternating magnetic field in the core is set up by an alternating current in the incoming coil. In addition, this then generates an alternating current in the outgoing coil.

General Coil

“Sandwiched” or “pancake” coils consist of flat conductors wound in a spiral form. The coil has been given this name due to the arrangement of conductors into discs. In addition, alternate discs are designed so that they spiral from the outside towards the centre in an interleaved arrangement. Here, individual coils are stacked together and separated by insulating materials. For example, paper of plastic sheet.

How to order

Express Transformers & Controls (2015) Limited will manufacture coils to suit the customer’s requirements whether it is a single turn coil for PCB mounting or a ten thousand turn brake coil for a high speed transit system. Coils are wound using a suitable conductor and can then be mounted or encapsulated to suit the equipment or environment into which they are going to be placed.

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