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What is an inductor?

An inductor is a very simple electronic component which has the ability to store energy. It is very much similar to a capacitor regarding the way it works. The only difference is that it stores energy in its magnetic field instead of the electric field. The basic form of an inductor is just a wire which is wound to into a coil. Several versions have been created over the years but the same construction idea is used to manufacture them.


What is an inductor used for?

The most common use of this simple electronic component is in a radio circuit. It is the third and final type of basic circuit component and is used in circuits to smooth the flow of current and prevent any rapid changes. In addition, an inductor is a coil of wire with many windings, often wound around a core made of a magnetic material, like iron. Inductors, (also referred to as chokes or coils), are able to generate frequencies and lessen interference or noise. They are also used in some other types of electric circuit to moderate the flow of electricity. The performance of an inductor can vary depending on the way it is built. The material where the wire is wrapped around can affect inductance so as the number of loops and the size of the loop.

In addition, inductors can be used to create:

  • filters
  • sensors
  • transformers
  • motors
  • energy storage


How to order

In order to guarantee the inductance values obtained and the linearity of our designs we have designed and built our own choke tester. A curve showing the variation of inductance against current can be supplied with any choke ordered from us.

Furthermore, examples of our work can be seen in the gallery.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your design requirements. Our lead engineer details are listed below and they are very happy to discuss your particular project needs with you.