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What is an isolating high voltage transformer?

An isolating high voltage transformer is similar to an isolating transformer but with a greater degree of isolating protection between windings and core to account for the higher voltages.

Isolating High Voltage Transformer

The basic design principles of any isolating transformer are based on galvanic isolation which allows for the exchange of energy without the need for a conductive path.

In practice this means the primary winding, which receives a source of alternating current from the supply, can exchange this energy to the secondary winding’s, which acts as the output, without the need for a direct connection.

The advantage of isolation transformers is that they reduce the risk of electric shock and allow for the exchange of energy between circuits that are not physically connected.

How to order

Express Transformers and Controls (2015) Ltd have over 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of High Voltage transformers for the scientific industry. Our team can design and build transformers isolating up to 80kVdc.

These designs are produced using a vacuum encapsulation process that is capable of standing up to Class F temperatures.

Information required are the primary and secondary AC voltages and the power requirements of the transformer. We also need to know the potential, say 40kVdc on which each secondary or screen will be working at.

If you have any specific maximum dimensions please advise us on the initial enquiry.

Examples of our work can be seen in the gallery.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your design requirements. Our lead engineer details are listed below and they are very happy to discuss your particular project needs with you.