Product Details

Panel transformers come in many shapes and sizes. For convenience Express Transformers & Controls (2015) Limited has a standard range of products, details of which can be found below. In addition we can manufacture any transformer you require of similar power within the same size constraints.

Standard Models

Express Transformers & Controls (2015) Ltd manufacture a range of 46 transformers from 50 VA to 2500 VA that conform to BS EN61558 available with harmonised primary voltages of 0-220-230-240 volts or 0-380-400-415 volts and secondary voltages of 24 to 230 volts all with a centre tap.

All transformers incorporate a touch-proof terminal system approved by UL, CSA, VDE, etc.

ReferencePrimary VoltsSecondary VoltsStandard Ratings (VA)



RefCont. VALoad Inrush VAABCDEFWeight In kg
ET/IEC-50506776785645957 x 41.35
ET/IEC-100100151878570571119 x 5.52.30
ET/IEC-20020034212411265708912 x 63.70
ET/IEC-300300600124112907011412 x 65.50
ET/IEC-50050011371541458794.511212 x 78.00
ET/IEC-750750207915414511094.514212 x 711.50
ET/IEC-10001000293018416210213016214 x 816.00
ET/IEC-15001500507019718911413217014 x 8.520.50
ET/IEC-20002000780019718913413220514 x 8.525.25
ET/IEC-250025001130019718918413225514 x 8.534.5
Load inrush VA is specified for those customers supplying contactor loads from the transformer secondary. It is defined as the contactor closing current which produce a 5% drop in transformer secondary voltage.


Examples of our work can be seen in the gallery.

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